Safety & Environment

The Highest Safety Standards in the Industry

Kirmac Collision Services is a professional Seattle body shop with multiple locations that is here to make sure each job we perform is done under the safest conditions possible. We also ensure any and all equipment we use is up to the highest of safety standards. Not only is safety and proper equipment to our benefit, it is also to the benefit of our Seattle area customers. You trust us with your vehicle, and we do not want to do anything to jeopardize that trust.

Day-to-Day Safety

No matter how major or minor a job may be, safety is always at the forefront of our business model. In order to ensure that everything our Seattle auto body repair shops do is preformed to the highest standards, there are certain steps we take to establish and maintain a safe work environment, including:

  • Making sure that each of our paint technicians is equipped with a quality hooded, fresh-air mask for maximum employee safety
  • Only using water-borne PPG paint products to have the cleanest and healthiest work environment possible
  • Buying high volume, low-pressure spray guns to eliminate overspray as well as paint product waste
  • Recycling all cleaning solvents and paint products
  • Using only automated paint gun cleaners for the safety of our employees
  • Recycling all of our sheet metal, plastic and cardboard materials
  • Using programmable paint booths with automated shut off times in order to prevent energy waste

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If you are interested in more information about the safety and work environment measures that Kirmac Collision Services uses, feel free to fill out a Contact Us form here on our website.